Patient Chart Access

What is Web View?

Web View allows your doctor to share messages with you online safely and conveniently. This service provides the ability for you to ask questions to your physician thru the Internet in a secure and confidential manner.  Your physician may also contact you with information such as results to tests you may be waiting on.

How Does Web View Work?

You can access Web View from any PC with an Internet connection. You simply click on the Web View link on Family Care Center's web site or go to:


From this screen, you enter your log-on information, and can then view your chart online.  You must register with our office to be set up with a log-on account.


What features does Web View include?


Secure Messaging

Our office can send secure messages using Web View. Once the provider sends the message, an email is sent to your private email account with notification of a secure message from your health care provider. You can then log into Web View to securely view the message.


How is security maintained during the transfer of information?
Security is of utmost importance when transferring personal data across the Internet. Between your PC and the Web View Gateway Server, 128-bit SSL encryption is used. This provides a secure connection between you and the server.


How do I register for Web View?


Contact our staff at 620-221-9500 for a registration form. 


Your WebView registration, Username & Password, are separate from the login used to access your billing account.