DOT Physicals


     As of May 12, 2014, CDL or DOT physicals can only be done by providers who have completed training and testing to be a Certified Medical Examiner. Dr. Bryan C. Davis and Dr. Bryan K. Dennett are Certified Medical Examiners. New rules are more strict and exams will be more intensive than in the past, so be prepared for more extensive questioning. Certified Medical Examiners are responsible for determining medical fitness for duty, not diagnosing and treating medical conditions. National criteria are in place for who can and cannot drive. If you are disqualified at one facility for a CDL physical, you will not be able to go elsewhere and become certified. If you have ANY health conditions, take any daily medications, have been in the hospital or ER over the last year, have had surgery in the last 5 years, wear glasses or contacts or use hearing aid(s), please print out the appropriate forms before you visit AND the DOT checklist. For some conditions, you will need to print additional forms and have those completed prior to your visit.

Please click here for the DOT form. You will need to print and complete sections 1 and 2, sign and date prior to your appointment. You will also need to complete the DOT Checklist. Click here to for the checklist.